Artist Block – How to Keep Going

Aug 16, 2021

Part of the creative process is knowing that you won’t LOVE every single thing you create but continuing on anyway.

It’s easy to feel frustrated with something you’re working on and tell yourself, ‘maybe I’m not that good’. I’ve done that before. There’s this belief that if it doesn’t come easy then we aren’t talented enough or we aren’t ever going to make it.

But as I’ve gotten older and with the help of authors like Seth Godin, Sarah Lewis and Steven Pressfield, I’ve come to realize that this is just a way to totally wimp out. Now when I struggle with a photo, or a painting, or a poem, I know it’s just statistics. I don’t make it about me and I keep going.

Oil on Canvas. 2021.

This painting was a wedding gift for a dear friend and whenever I do commissions or work like this the pressure makes me struggle hardcore. Many times I wanted to give up or accept it as-is. But with encouragement from an artist friend of mine, I kept going and made it into a finished painting.

Instead of getting down on myself that it felt hard and didn’t flow I can see how I learned SO MUCH and relearned lessons forgotten. Is it my best work? No. But like Seth Godin says, “50% of my work is below average”.

So it’s all worth it. Keep going! Make lots of work! The world is better for it.



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