What You Don’t Need To Overcome Artist Block

Oct 5, 2021

For 9 painful years I suffered from artist block. It was something I never expected but what I’m learning is that it happens at some point to almost everyone.

There are always excuses not to make art and some of them seem incredibly legitimate.  But after all those excuses when I was 4 weeks postpartum with my first child I started painting again.

My life before becoming a mother was definitely easier and I definitely had more time back then too. Postpartum was the least convenient time to start painting again. I was sleep deprived, overwhelmed more than I knew was possible and my health was shaky.

This is what made me realize that our reasons for not making art have nothing to do with our circumstances!!

More time.

More money.

More inspiration.

Better health.

Better workspace.

You actually don’t need any of those things to change to start making art today.

If you’re stuck just reach out and I’m happy to send you some of the books and techniques that helped me overcome artist block.



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