How To Be More Creative In Art By Doing Less

Feb 8, 2022

Are you an artist constantly asking yourself “how can I be more creative?” Maybe you feel like you have artist block again and again and just can’t get past it.

This is super common and you are not alone! Many of us are living busy lives where we never get a break. We are plugged into our phones during our downtime and the rest of the day is spent busy and rushing around.

This type of modern day lifestyle not only leads to burnout but it can make you less creative.

But there are some simple and actionable ways to introduce some downtime into your life that will help give your brain the space it needs to breathe again and come up with those juicy, creative ideas you have inside of you!

In this video we’ll go over the EASIEST ways to be more creative. And it doesn’t involve you doing anything at all really!

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