Perfectionism and creativity

Apr 27, 2022

Are you a perfectionist? Or maybe like me, a “recovering perfectionist”?

Let’s chat a bit about perfectionism and creativity because it’s a really important topic.

In short, perfectionism is a creativity killer.

To be creative we need to be willing to fail. Willing to make mistakes. Willing to mess it up. Willing to make *shudder* BAD ART.

I feel like making bad art is every artist’s worst nightmare but the funny thing is that when we are worried about it, it sabotages our potential.

So here’s an idea. Next time you feel yourself holding back, take a risk. Make a big bold brush stroke. One that if it goes wrong, there’s no going back.

Then, when it does go wrong (because it probably will LOL) work through it. Keep going until you can make sense of things. But let your gut lead the way, not your head.

  • FEEL your way through.
  • TRUST your intuition.
  • STOP thinking.

It takes courage to do this. And it might ruin a painting.

But it also might…

  • Open up a door you never knew was there.
  • Be the best painting you’ve ever made.
  • Change your perspective.
  • Lead you to a completely new style.
  • Lead to the discovery of a new technique.

There is SO MUCH goodness that can happen when you let go of perfectionism and take risks. When you’re willing to fail to try something new.

Whoever your favorite artist is, trust me, they have done this! So follow in their footsteps and go make a mess!

xx Katie Bourgeois

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