Got artist block?
Let's fix that...

Let's fix that...

Got artist block?

Sign up for my FREE
5 Day Painting Challenge

Sign up for my FREE
5 Day Painting Challenge

Start a new painting in just 5 days and rekindle your passion for art!

This is not a boring painting tutorial.. This is a challenge designed to get you back to YOUR unique painting practice again! So you can once again tell people: “I’m an artist.”

You’ll get daily email prompts with instructions the day after you sign up. Each day will only take about 30 minutes.

"Once I have more time…"
"Once I have an awesome studio space…"
"Once I feel inspired…"

"...THEN I’ll start painting again."

Let me tell it to you straight: THOSE ARE JUST EXCUSES.

You don’t actually need more time, an awesome studio space, or inspiration to get started!!

What you NEED is to:
1. Take Action
2. Clear up some mindset issues

It’s actually pretty simple. Let me show you how…

I know you’re likely feeling burned out. And maybe worried that you’ve just lost your spark and it won’t come back.

It’s painful, I remember from when I had artist block.  

I felt so helpless and lacked the confidence to start painting again. I would try a couple times a year but after one painting it would just fizzle out again. Maybe you’ve experienced the same thing. It feels horrible.

But there’s a better way…It can actually be easy.

      In the 5 Day Painting Challenge we will take the baby steps needed to warm you back up to painting so that it doesn’t backfire. And you’ll have someone (me) cheering you on and prompting you each day.

We also go over many of the mindset blocks and excuses we have to making art. These are often SO SNEAKY and hard to identify on your own. I really could only see them after reading tons of books on the subject. To save you time, we’ll get right into it.

The combination of some hand holding and a proven approach to overcoming artist block will set you up for success.

Maybe it doesn’t feel like the right time but imagine this:

Each week, you sit down to paint and slip in the zone. With each brushstroke you feel a wave of excitement and delight. The colors, patterns and shapes stir your soul in a way that nothing else can. Your to-do lists, your heartaches, the news, drama, the blue glow of your phone, and everything else fades away out of your consciousness. It’s nothing but you and the paint.

When you’re done you feel more calm, relaxed, and better able to deal with your everyday life stress. You FEEL better.

This is what happened to me. And it can happen to you as well! Let me show you the way. Your new reality is right around the corner!

What if I don’t have the time or the space to paint?

Many people think once they get a month long artist residency they can finally start getting into the flow and producing great artwork. Then once they get the residency, they are surprised that they are still struggling! This is a mindset issue that we will go over in the challenge. As long as you have 20 minutes, a pad of paper, a few brushes and some paint, then you can do this!

What if I’m uninspired?

People always say that they have artist block because they are uninspired. The truth is that inspiration is a result of doing the work. There’s a feedback loop that gets created when you start painting that will give you more and more inspiration. Of course, there are other things you can do as well and I talk about that in the challenge. To quote Pablo Picasso: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”.

What if I’m really tired and feeling burnt out?

It sounds counterintuitive but adding painting into your schedule will actually help you feel less burnt out. I NOTICE the weeks that I skip painting. It really helps me improve my mood in a way that I never realized before. It’s worth it. And chances are you would just be replacing time wasted scrolling social media or watching Netflix anyway.

So if you…
-Have a deep desire to start painting again.
-Are determined to make it work.
-Want to be an artist again.
…then sign up now!

This challenge is perfect for you!!

I know what you’re thinking (because I waited 9 years to take any real action) ‘mayyyyybe I’ll just do this later.’

So what’s the cost of waiting?
-A brooding disconnection from your deep inner self.
-Regret. Seriously, you’ll look back and think WTF?
-The sh*tty feeling of going through the motions each day.
-A general feeling of dissatisfaction with life.
-Loss of identity.
-Feelings of burnout, bad mood.

Not to be super negative but it’s true. I’ve heard it from countless people and experienced it myself. Maybe you can recognize some of these things in your life now?

I remember that moment when I decided to start painting again. I was flooded with tears. “How could I not even try?” That’s the question that came to me.

It took me 9 whole years! Please don’t wait that long (or longer). You can start NOW. You really can.

You deserve to be painting. And the world deserves your beautiful art. The joy and relief that is created when you paint is so vast. The ripple effects are immeasurable.

And hey, you've got nothing to lose, this is literally a FREE challenge!

Day 1

Start with a warm up drawing exercise and learn why making things easy will be the key to your success.

Day 2

Start painting with loose painting sketches, work out new ideas, & the importance of enjoying the process.

Day 3

Start the underpainting and discover why you don't need a genius idea, you can start painting right NOW!

Day 4

Start to develop your painting and discuss the true reasons behind artist block (hint: it's not lack of inspiration).

Day 5

Rework, add in details, or finish your painting plus we'll talk about how to fit painting into your busy schedule.

the details:

My Story

My entire life I had been an artist. I remember thinking when I graduated from art school that I would never give it up. But then somewhere along the way I got discouraged and, without realizing it, I slowly stopped painting.

For 9 excruciating years I struggled with artist block. I had no idea why but I just couldn’t get the will or the inspiration to paint more than once or twice a year.

I thought if I just waited I would eventually feel inspired to paint again. But the years flew by and the tension I felt from not painting grew and grew.

I kept hearing this little voice inside of me saying, “paint!” So I did everything I could think of to start painting again. I read all the books I could find on creativity. I asked for help from friends and coaches. I dug deep.

Then things suddenly clicked...

After 9 years I finally started painting again when my son was only 4 weeks old. The worst time possible to start making art.

I had no time. No energy. And I was completely overwhelmed. But one day as he napped I made a quick watercolor painting and committed to doing it again and again every Sunday.

Fast forward and I’m painting almost every day now.

I realized, it’s not our circumstances that hold us back from making our art. Even if it seems that way. All you really need to get over artist block is a growth mindset and a non-negotiable commitment to your work.

After retracing my steps I noticed a clear framework that I followed to work through all of my BS and finally start being an artist again.

Now I'm on a mission to help other artists do the same!