you are

I bring a high level of artistry to the table giving Creatives & entrepreneurs the sophisticated online presence that they need to reach major goals.

The work you do is incredible. You just need an artistic eye and some magic fairy dust to truly convey your mastery to the world. 

the best!

"I’ve gotten so many compliments on the brand photos Katie took for me. Everyone who knows me says how perfectly they capture my personality. And I totally agree!"
-Kate Hollis, Copywriter

I value and support...

Mom owned businesses
Funding the arts

I love...

Edible and Native Plant gardening & BOtany
Spending time with my son, Forest
Painting and writing poetry
when my husband makes me coffee

My favorite...

Book = Braiding Sweetgrass
Flower = Daisy Fleabane
color = Can't choose one! (I'm an artist!)
Painter = Andrew Wyeth

And yes, since you're asking...I'm a cat person. (But I love dogs!)

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