In the last video we talked about how to deal with excuses and obstacles that come up and distract you from making your art. We discussed creating a sacred container for your art by committing to a time and sticking with it. In case you missed it… Here’s Part One and Part Two. In this […]

In the previous video, I told the story of how I overcame artist block and eventually created the Artist Block Workshop, so that I could share what I learned with others. We talked about how being disciplined and making art when you say you are going to is key. You have to create an artistic […]

As promised, this week I’m sending out a free 3 part series about how to overcome artist block. In this first video I give a little bit of background on how I overcame artist block myself, leading me to create the Artist Block Workshop, so that I could share what I learned with others. I […]

Are you a perfectionist? Or maybe like me, a “recovering perfectionist”? Let’s chat a bit about perfectionism and creativity because it’s a really important topic. In short, perfectionism is a creativity killer. To be creative we need to be willing to fail. Willing to make mistakes. Willing to mess it up. Willing to make *shudder* BAD […]

Grab a cup of tea and join me for a joyful and celebratory review of paintings, sculpture, and photography throughout history and today that embody the motif of SPRING! Join me on zoom by clicking here! Sign up for my mailing list to get updates on future live lectures, videos, inspiring posts, artist opportunities, and […]

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a full-time painter? In this Interview With The Artist I talk with Phil Musen, a painter in Savannah, GA. ***There may be some strong language used in this interview so grab your headphones if you have little ones around*** We talk about: -Phil’s upcoming monochromatic Mermaid […]

This past week I’ve been reminded that life is both short and precious.  I found out yesterday that an old friend from college passed away.  It felt strange and sudden especially because just the day before I had liked one of his Facebook posts advocating for peace.  His post precipitated a minutes-long daydream of remembrance.  […]

If you think that you missed all the January deadlines think again! Here’s a roundup of artist grants, residencies, and exhibitions to apply for. Grants: Artist Grant Deadline: Quarterly throughout the year. The deadline for the current grant cycle is April 15, 2022. Susainable Arts Foundation Deadline: February 25, 2022 To be eligible, the applicant […]

Do you ever try to work on something and the whole time you feel stuck and frustrated?  You just can’t get into the flow at all and the whole thing feels unenjoyable? For me, I’ve noticed that whenever this is happening there’s one thing bugging me in the back (or maybe even the front) of […]

Are you an artist constantly asking yourself “how can I be more creative?” Maybe you feel like you have artist block again and again and just can’t get past it. This is super common and you are not alone! Many of us are living busy lives where we never get a break. We are plugged […]