Paintings For A Good Cause

Like many, I have been deeply  disturbed the past few days, watching the news in horror as Afghanistan falls to the Taliban, and as Haitians scramble for food, water, and medical supplies in the wake of yet another earthquake.

I felt frozen like there was nothing I could do.  Then I realized that there actually was something I could do.

I could donate a portion of my painting sales to these crises. 

Each painting you see below is for sale and 10% of all sales will go directly to humanitarian relief efforts in both Haiti and Afghanistan.  

I've chosen to donate via because they have a very high rating with Charity Navigator.  Meaning, the funds won't be wasted.

Prices of paintings range from $150-$5,000.
Sizes range from small to large scale. 

35" X 60", oil on canvas, $5,000

"Shawmut, or Boston, on September 6, 1629"
24" x 36", oil on canvas, $3,500

Snowy Sunset
 24" x 36", oil on canvas, $3,500

The Moon
12x18", mixed media on paper, $750

"Cambridgeport on May 20, 1629"
10x14", mixed media on paper, $750

"Passenger Pigeons Darkening the Sky Near Terre Haute in 1823" 10x14", Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper, $750

Forest Stream
 10x14", Watercolor on Paper, $500

Between Branches
 10x14", Watercolor and ink on Paper, $500

First Light
 10x14", Mixed Media on Canvas, $500

Storm Wave
 12x18", Mixed Media on paper, $350

The Atlantic
 10x14", Mixed Media on Paper, $250

Three Trees
 10x14", Mixed Media on Handmade Paper, $250

Winter Landscape Sketch
 10x14", Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper, $150

Sketch For Boston Back Bay (Before Colonization)
 12x18", Gouache on Watercolor Paper, $150